ELETTROMECCANICA MERCANTI opened its doors in April of 1972 and, for over 40 years, has been carrying out the family tradition with dedication and passion.

The company takes its name from the founder, Nicola, head of the Mercanti family. During the 60’s, Nicola worked at Argo, one of the largest Italian transformer construction companies, where he acquires a strong experience in the electromechanical area. At Argo, Nicola follows the design and development stages of transformers, and plays an important role in the company’s ascent to the top of the national production, within the electricity industry.

In the early 70’s, Argo faces some economic difficulties, partly due to a fire that damaged the headquarters in Lugo, making Nicola decide, together with his three children, to open a small handicraft activity. The objective is to supply electrical windings to major Italian transformer manufacturers.

The company immediately became an important and reliable partner for major Italian companies such as SIME and SICET in Florence, Conato and Mace in Naples, Tironi in Modena, Schipani in Messina. The key factor was its capacity to produce all kinds of windings, always accepting new challenges.
The expertise and skills demonstrated over the years have made ELETTROMECCANICA MERCANTI known and appreciated by the most important national and international companies of the industry.

In fact, in the early 90’s, the MERCANTI family, with the help of external consultants, manages to penetrate the international market, proposing its products, and starting the first collaborations with foreign companies, mainly European, such as SGB Neumark .

For many years business is run in the old headquarter in Lugo in Via Piratello, 20; a warehouse with a usable area of just 500 square meters.
Then, the increasing demand and the desire to expand the company's prospective outside national and European borders make it necessary to move at a more spacious location.
Today our products are manufactured in the new plant in Via dell'Artigianato, 16 positioned in the # 1 Industrial Area of Lugo (Ravenna).
The warehouse has an area of 1,200 square meters, of which, 200 square meters are dedicated to services and offices.
This headquarter, built in 1996, is modern and functional and has been built in full compliance with current construction and security standards allowing us to be more efficient and to offer our employees a modern and comfortable working environment.

The new facility has enabled us to increase our production capacity and to meet the needs of our customers, making it also possible to install new, more technologically advanced, machines; in the second half of the 90’s the first CNC foil winding machine is purchased, which represents a big innovation in the low voltage winding production. In fact, within a short amount of time, this machine type led to the almost full replacement of strip with Aluminium and Copper foil.

In the years 2000 the grandchildren become active part of the company and, driven by interest and motivation, they started a process of technological innovation, introducing and developing new construction methods such as flattening, and increasing the company's potential, reaching powers up to 2500 kVA.


Our mission

Expertise, technologies and constant growth at your service, in order to optimize your product and build strong and mutually rewarding partnerships.