Insulation Components

In all of our production we use insulating materials of the highest quality relying on well-established suppliers who guarantee high quality standards.
In order to drastically reduce delivery time, we have always performed in house all the cutting and shaping operations of insulating components necessary for the production of the windings.
In fact, our laboratory is very well equipped in this area too, and the warehouse is always stocked with all types of insulation material, especially for oil transformers.

We can also work all types of insulation materials, DDP, KRAFT, etc. for our Clients :

  • Interlayer cutting of any kind;
  • Cutting of end collars;
  • Construction of closed cylinder or open according to the required dimensions;
  • Cooling Channels for distribution transformers from class A to class H, using fiberglass, wood and cardboard sticks and Nomex® paper, DMD, DDP, Kraft, adhesive strips of glass fiber and paper supports.


-  Cutting machining for rolls up to 1260 mm height.